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Unless you have been watching reruns of a certain game at Yankee Stadium, I’m viewing things very differently.
Going into the season, Lehigh had already lost it’s leading rusher and about 60% of it’s receptions to graduation, not to mention their offensive coordinator. The designated QB only had 43 attempts to his name and 3 tears in his throwing shoulder. By the end of the 3rd game, 60% of their offensive line was out as well as the designated RB transfer. The new RB averaged less than 3 ypc coming into the season. In spite of all this, they averaged 28 ppg going into Yankee Stadium.
The offense wasn’t our problem.
This year, the OC has a year under his belt in order to implement his system and fully understand what his players are capable of. The QB has a full season under his belt and is finally healthy. The stable of RBs is loaded and talented. The offensive line is big and experienced. Football however, is a violent sport so there is no guarantee that this will remain this way all season but we all just need a little patience.