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Do ANY of you guys ever look at the PAT.L stats .They must have it wrong because the LEADING PASSER in the PAT.L is SHAFNISKY so either they must have it wrong or you guys are just looking to blame him for the O being unable to generate a better attack .One guys says he looks at his WR’s ,another guys said he is a RB ,another said he runs to much . What is he supposed to do ??? Stand in the pocket and get sacked or maybe hurt and then you would be bitching why doesn’t run .Maybe if the O line blocked a LITTLE better he could stay in the pocket and throw ,but then again you need WR’s or TE’s or RB’s who can get SEPERATION from the D and then MAYBE he can throw the ball to an open guy .To have the LEHIGH QB leading the PAT.L and have people bitching that he is not doing his part is really sad .