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[quote=21795]Hope Penn not a passing team. Not worried about D line. They all played good at JMU. And they were getting shuffled in a lot to stay fresh. The Dbs….the Dbs..what do they have to do to get sidelined???? I imagine if the freshman played like them the hook would be quick! I would play Montgomery and Redmond and Mccloskey alot to give #1,2,26 notice

The way the coaches have started players in the past, i.e. QB, the best players play. If the back ups don’t produce enough in practice, what is there to believe they will all of sudden star in a game? Part of it may also be the freshmen current ability in making the right reads and reactions and calls aside from physical ability. Some freshmen come in ready to go at the varsity level and others not. It can be a major transition for some. When I played frosh could not play varsity and, philosophically, there was a reason for it. We have to assume the coaches know who is ready for “prime time” and who is not.