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Go Lehigh TU Owl
Go Lehigh TU Owl

JMU would have had about 70 points today if they didn’t turn the ball over 6 times. They had 40 first downs and 625 yards. I watched some of their game and that offense is scary. They look like the best team in the CAA. Villanova is good but without Robertson their offense is dicey.

While on the surface the 40-7 PU-LC should scare everyone to death there’s something going on in Pardville imo. Princeton will be a very difficult game but this isn’t JMU at Bridgeforth. A Lehigh win would turn some heads.

I also caught part of Yale-Colgate. The Eli will be tough but seem more like fringe Top 40 and not fringe top 25. While the next two are no picnic, 0-2 would be a disappointment imo since it would mean a losing record against the IL in year 3 of schollies.

3-2 heading into league play should set up a winning season if nothing else…