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I know I’m dreaming here, but how much do you want to bet that if we rehired Dave Checcini as OC, he would look around, send Shafnisky to the bench (ala JB Clark in 2010) and rework the offense around a real QB like Mayes?

Disarray is everywhere; an offensive coordinator who is is clueless as the guy who preceded Checcini, a third straight year of “no defense”. Note, I did not say “poor defense”, or “lousy” defense…a 450 yards a game, 40+ points a game defense…DB’s who seem lost…allowing a team’s second team RB to gain 200 + yards…an offense that is as imaginative as a junior high team…special teams that are less than special…never any adjustments at halftime…

I see Andy Coen as Frank Tavani west. Nice guy and all, but when he is not surrounded by great coaches, he is an abysmal failure. Andy is 26-32 without Checcini… Is anyone else aware? Joe Sterrett? Please tell us Andy’s is still here because it is the final year of a contract and that you will move forward without him.