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Hardest hitter. La
Lambert by far. Caslow,Harvey
Little doubt that opponents know our O and tendencies. Not to hard to sort thru 1 set and a half dozen plays.
A dilemma sceme wise.3-3-5 is geared to be aggressive with varied blitzes,create pressure and TOs. At the same time,staff wants to stop big plays. Not mutually exclusive but not easy to do. Sutyak got his 2ndary to play aggressively at Yale. Unfortunately DL blown away. Botts calls a very conservative game focusing on big plays. Didn’t work last year,not working this. His blitz package is a wideside CB blitz,which Roberts read every time. He has to seel out on scheme,if not agree with LG go to 4 down LM. TC GP at DT,Johnson and Stubbs at DE.
A lot of overreacting so far. Much of the anger well deserved.
Ovdr the years LU has been outmanndd numerous times. Our successful coaches have acceptdd the fact and schemed around it Folmar does not. His idea is to run same plays and rely on individual talent to win the day. Well,abundantly clear that was not true vs JMU or Yale. He has no plan B. No adjustments.
Context is important here. Our Ls to unddfeated teams with more talent and experience. Not to excuse our performance by staff or players.
Injuries have hurt on D but we weren’t good bfore them.
Dont expect much to change by Bison,except hopefully more consistency.
Andy has to step back and question the games called by OC and DC. He has to address that and correct it.