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Love the renewable energy ideas.

I would also leverage wifi however and wherever possible. Create a giant wifi hotspot at the stadium and find a way (in this new press box) to stream replays to mobile devices during timeouts/breaks in the action. Basically instead of building a giant video board, give everyone a video board in their pocket. Link it to social media so students can post replays to give their lazy friends FOMO (fear of missing out) for not coming to Goodman. Sell 10 second ads before the replays to sponsors for a little revenue.

Run trivia contests on a mobile platform for students in attendance to win food/prizes. Use drones to deliver the prizes to students in their seats.

Let the crowd vote on music at halftime in real time on their phones. Run all of it out of the new press box.

As for more structural suggestions:

– upgraded bathrooms
– more seatbacks
– small interactive hall of fame
– kids area with punt/pass/kick type contests
– catering facilities for suites/box seats