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[quote=22776]dear Bum and cudd, if you do not attend football you really don’t realize the small attendance. Never had to wait to use a bathroom,all you need is one seat back and that is for you if you prefer. If the stadium was full of those it would show many empty seats. The hall of fame is at Taylor. Screw hifi instead of a video board,drunk students would rather see themselves on a big screen than posting replays they rarely watch anyway.Catering?Really.Just get there early and TAILGATE with the very lenient policies at Goodman. You must really love the smart phone/social media. Just show up,watch the game and cheer for Gods sake.
ps- lets also put a few windmills up in the corners of each endzone

Gee Miller, sorry to offend you with my ideas. Next time someone on a public forum solicits ideas on how to improve Goodman – I’ll be sure to keep quiet.

– Bathrooms and catering are a requirement for suites. Otherwise whats the point? It’s not for the tailgate fans, it’s for whatever people are supposed to be buying premium seats. If those people don’t exist, what are we even talking about?
– I thought video board was off the table, hence the mobile replays idea. Also, “drunk students would rather see themselves on the big screen” is exactly my point – but there is no big screen. So put it on mobile and let them post it to social media, same end with a different solution.
– I’m sure that Hall of Fame at Taylor is really driving attendance at Goodman…
– The reason college sports are fun is atmosphere and students. Hence, getting more students at the game makes it more fun for everyone. If you don’t want mobile replay, don’t use your phone!! But anyone running a COLLEGE SPORTS venue, that doesn’t try to think of ideas that COLLEGE STUDENTS would appreciate – isn’t doing their job.

Sorry though Miller, you’re right. We should leave everything the same, that will improve the experience for everyone…