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StablerBum has the RIGHT approach.

Make the in-person fan experience better! The current atmosphere at Goodman is STALE, and erecting solar panels is not what will cause students to suddenly realize “Gee, maybe we really should go to the games.”

Remember that brief, but ridiculous, prohibition of students from sitting on the grass banks? Or, the heavy-handed administration control of student tailgating, including noise and when they must shut down? Is there a student dress code to go along with that?

A giant video board is a must inclusion. So is continuous bus service to/from using a greater number convenient campus locations. Envelope the students with the experience, not discourage them.

As I always mention, the distance to the front sideline is off-putting to ALL fans, and reduces the excitement. Lehigh COULD simply use the front sideline designated for soccer. If anything, the opposite side seating should be moved-in. Either with temporary seating, or a rebuild using some of the existing pre-fab sections. Now, that’s a challenge for the engineering brainiacs at Lehigh!

Creating a new pressbox structure over there on the back of the current structure isn’t going to kick-start fan enthusiasm, nor increase overall attendance.

Wind turbines?