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A couple of FCS specific suites examples

Montana Grizz

Richmond Spiders

I think the Richmond hybrid indoor/outdoor style makes more sense. I would think that some sort of food and beverage service is a requirement for receptions, sponsors, or even premium ticket holders. The seats themselves are far from the field, so the bonus needs to be protection from weather, more comfortable experience, and other conveniences. If the indoor area could be subdivided to small suites of say 10 fans, but also combined into one large area for a large president’s reception – that would add flexibility. You could rent out a suite individually or combine them for larger groups, or non-football events.

Also, considering the school’s interest in lacrosse, I wonder if long term the LU lax team doesn’t end up playing in Goodman. Are there nuetral site NCAA tournament lax games similar to hoops that Lehigh could try to host? Would be another way to generate some revenue and get more bang out of any renovation investments.