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This is a tough one to call. The best I can do is say, NO I do not expect Lehigh to win this game. Anytime a Lehigh team faces a good passing quarterback I expect our secondary to be picked apart. This is true for all seasons, not just this one.

The Lehigh team DOES seem to be improving and remains motivated to play hard. Problem is, every opposing team is doing the same! Even Lafayette is showing a pulse.

The Lehigh team needs to stop Holy Cross on third and long. That usually means a pass attempt. This team will need to make the opposing quarterback feel the heat and take a chance before he is comfortable.

It will be great if Lehigh enters the 4th quarter up at least 7. The offense can probably match Holy Cross in scoring from that point on.

This is a big game for Lehigh in its current condition. I hope I am pleasantly surprised by the final score!