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I think we are all now in agreement that our offense is in really good shape. I took a look back on our defense and tried to find a strength and frankly it was difficult. Teams seemed to be able to run at will both up the middle and around the ends. No team was afraid of our pass coverage. Here is my proposed change. I would like to see us switch back to the 4-3. We seem to finally have the type of size we need. We just need to put them in the right place. I would start by putting Cavenas and Lynn at DT. At 295# and 290#, thats a lot of beef to try to move out of the way. I’d stock the DE position with smaller, faster linemen such as H. Johnson or possibly Pendergast if he can up to speed quickly. Both are in the 6-4/5 245# range and can move pretty well.They will be much harder to block on runs to the outside. I would love to see a MLB with the size of Weir. If he’s not ready, Morrow would be a good fit. At 230#, he does not belong on the line. Ripanti and Buskirk have the body type, speed, strength to be playing outside, not inside. I would love to see Caslow at SS. He absolutely has a nose for the ball, great leadership skills and the perfect size for this position. He is about the same size as Githens and same speed as Ward. I think it could solidify the defensive backfield if he can learn the position quickly. He played safety in HS. Take your pick on the corners and FS. They are nearly clones of each other. Personally, I think this makes our defense far stronger, but then again, what do I know? :-)