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Up by one with less than 5 minutes to go in the first half, we went cold – a trend that continued into the early stages of the second half. It was all she wrote…game…set…match. There was no stopping the run-a-way train powered by Brogdon (23 points) and company that included 9 players seeing double digit minutes. Until then, however, it was fun to watch. You could only think ‘what if’ we had played like this for more than 15 minutes and did it against the likes of Canisius. Yale, or Columbia? Would we still be looking for our first win? Doubt it.

    Some lasting impressions:

KL – as mentioned by others, he’s got to be inserting into the starting. DC, like other seniors in the past and, as he did during is injured days, can – until needed – motivate his teammates from the sidelines. And then, he might not be the first guard off the bench. Kyle’s 5 game stat line: 111 minutes, .400 FG%, .428 3FG%, 6.6ppg, and 3.2 rpg.
TJ – limping off to the sidelines late in the game. How bad is the injury? Was it a simple turn of the ankle or worse? What if he can’t return? Imagine worried about a sophomore/back-up pg with a two-year stat line of: 10 games played, 19 points, and 57 minutes.
JRG – Along the same lines of TJ…..Can we count on him to contribute to the degree needed when we look his two-year sate line of: 12 games played, 30 points, and 64 minutes
Jay Jay – Hang in there, Walk-on! If injuries and poor play continues, you may soon be seeing more than the two minutes you got last night.

Georgios Pilitsis – where are you?

MH and CS – When will we see you?

    UVA high scorer Bragdon and Coach Bennett’s post-game comments:

“I just try to come out and be aggressive,” says Brogdon. “I’m one of the better scorers on the team. If I’m not aggressive, I feel like I’m doing the team a disservice. Whether that’s scoring, or making aggressive plays to get people open, it’s my duty to be aggressive.”
Head coach Tony Bennett says, “We’re not a ‘knockout punch’ team. Our way has to just continuing to have possessions, and accumulations, and wear them down. We weren’t wearing them down too much offensively, so I think that let them in, but it’s just kind of a battle, and just eventually, we’re going to hopefully wear them down.”