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Good stuff, 137. I was digging into this topic a bit last night, and found a couple of interesting things. The first one comes from a site called It’s old-ish, but I suspect it’s likely still pretty applicable. They crunched the numbers for a big data set, 2000-2012, and ranked teams by demonstrated home-court advantage. At least to me, the results are surprising. The top teams are not what I would have expected. I thought we’d see big programs with big, rowdy home crowds. They found the following three attributes to have the best correlation to home courts advantage:
1. High elevation (wow!)
2. Extreme tempo (fast or slow)
3. Average conference teams that still draw sizable crowds

Homecourt Advantage

As 137 indicated, Bucknell did have a very good home court advantage as of February 2012 – #97 overall; Lehigh was at #266. For any other data dorks, I found the article very interesting.

There’s another article that looks like it’s perfectly in line with my interest, written by Ken Pomeroy – but it’s an “ESPN Insider” article. I’ve been ponying up for KenPom for a couple of years now, but I’m not prepared to spring for Insider too (yet). If anybody here is an Insider and interested, you can check this out:

Myths of Home Court Advantage