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Let me tell you A&S had some very tough majors: biology,chemistry, physics, astronomy, numerous foreign languages (which 18 credits were REQUIRED for all A&S majors!), various pre-law and pre-med majors that were combined from several different curriculums. The “Engineers” was not a nickname due to the engineering schools rep at the time. It relates to the University’s founder, Asa Packer, who founded the Lehigh Valley Railroad, which back in the late 19th and first half of the 20th centuries was a major industrial force. Unfortunately, due to “marketing” concerns, it was deemed necessary to change the nickname, though technically “Engineers” still exists with Mountain Hawks being added along with a feathery mascot youngsters could squeal over. Numerous schools have multiple nicknames and/or mascots, i.e. Yale, Alabama, Auburn, Harvard, Va. Tech,