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This is a game you could see that Coach Reed wasn’t going to lose without a fight. He was into it from the opening whistle, not letting the slightest player mistake go unnoticed, or for that matter untold. As the offender went to the bench – much the same as he does game-in/game-out – he lectured the player (star or sub) and used the offense as a teaching moment. It was great to see and even greater to see the players’ response. It was also fun and, in my opinion, fully warranted to see the Coach go after the refs and earn himself a “Bench Warning.”

    A sight for sore eyes

Seeing Numbers 13, 42 and 55, dressed in grey sweats – uniform numbers sewn on their pant legs – fist pumping, cheering along their teammates, and listening to their coaches’ instructions – as we took down Colgate. You had to wonder might have been and now think what might very well be in the 2016-17 season that lies ahead. Welcome back Matt Holba, Brandon Alston, and Caleb Sedore.

In case you missed them, here are the Post Game Comments:

    Colgate Head Coach Matt Langel

“Winning on the road in the league is difficult. Lehigh is a talented team with a few very experienced players who stepped up and made plays and shots for their team when they needed it most. Austin Price was terrific tonight so we certainly tip our cap to him and his team. I thought that we got good shots on the offensive end but just didn’t make as many as we needed. We missed from the free throw line, which would have helped negate a few of their runs. We also struggled to come up with a few critical loose ball plays that led to points for Lehigh. Without Malcolm (Regisford) and Dana (Batt) in foul trouble, we had to play small lfor long stretches, which is difficult to do against Lehigh and Tim Kempton. We will certainly learn from the game and get the group ready to go for Saturday against American.”

    Lehigh Head Coach Brett Reed

“I thought it was a good effort win,” said Lehigh head coach Brett Reed. “Especially towards the beginning of the game, we were pretty sharp in some of our shows on the ball. Colgate is very, very dangerous because they have (Austin) Tillotson, who is a very good player. He can shoot the ball, drive it, he’s quick and can finish. He finds his teammates. Then they have guys who will pick and pop, which we tried to neutralize. We turned them from a team who normally shoots a ton of threes and we held them down to three threes in the first half.”
“The other thing we had going for us was our shooting,” said Reed. “Jesse made shots in the first half and Austin bailed us out in the second half when our offense wasn’t terrific.”
“Right now, at least in league play, we’ve alternated wins and losses,” said Reed. “One of the challenges I had for our guys in the team room was asking if that was going to repeat. Are they content and satisfied because we won a game? We need to continue charging forward and staying focused on the results we’re looking for. Hopefully that carries over. Tonight was a good win against a team that has played well.”

I’ll let the Box Score do all the talking, other than to say it was great finally catching up with travism at the half and encourage others on the Board to meet.