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Ashamed to say, I just made it to my first game of the season, although I know of 3-4 on the horizon I will be attending. I actually went to the doubleheader. They were almost the same game.
I liked what I saw except for the fact that TK looked pretty pedestrian. Perhaps I just wanted to see him put this team on his back. AP was awesome and clutch. He made a lot of 3s but his game has rounded out nicely. Now, we just need more consistency. There was a lot of energy tonight. The team played hard on defense, moved the ball around quite well. There was a lot of hustle to loose balls. I hadn’t noticed that before but perhaps they don’t translate well on a computer screen.
Agree with LU65, it was nice seeing the injured on the bench and into it. I hadn’t expected to see MH still on crutches and the big boot though. For some reason I thought they did the re-break back in October.
Big week for Lehigh. We beat Lafayette in men’s and women’s track, men’s and women’s swimming and women’s basketball.