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Nice win in a game you had to have at home. So, back to .500 at 4-4, and not crazy far out of 2nd or 3rd.

Couple minor things that struck me, away from the obvious things …

I was thrilled when we signed Jesse “The Body” Chuku out of high school. I envisioned that big, athletic body banging in the post. Dominating on the block and off the offensive glass. I was scared that he seemed to like the 3 a little too much in HS, but thought he would come around to a post game. Little disappointed that he wasn’t eligible immediately and had to sit. Now, fast forward to midway through his senior season. I’ll preface this by saying he played pretty well last night. But, 5 attempts from the floor (ALL 3’s!). Thank God he made 3 of them. That low post athletic banger I dreamed of never came to Bethlehem. We got a big, athletic 3 point shooter who plays 20 feet from the basket. And, he pulled only 3 boards, none off the offensive glass.

Turnovers were ugly last night. TK 8 turns. KL 5 turns. JG 5 turns in only 14 minutes. That is 18 empty possessions from 3 players. 21 total turnovers. Not good.

Finally, KR not having a very good season. Hasn’t made that leap from his freshman year. Two seasons left for improvement. Hope we see it.

But, we beat one of the better teams in the league. So, it’s progress.