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Finally ready to post on this one – a bunch of thoughts.

AP was great. Man, it’s nice to see how his game has developed. That step-back? Did you see that? Brand new to me! He mentioned in post-game that he’d been watching a lot of film – CJ film, maybe? If he can keep rolling, things are looking up. Full arsenal now – goes to the rack confidently, floater, threes, step-back. Great stuff.

Flip-side: turnovers continue to be gross. A few thoughts there – KL shouldn’t be a secondary ball-handler. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I see overall. But he’s a bit reckless, and shouldn’t handle any more than he has to. TK’s 8 TOs is shocking. IMO, that’s not all on him. Nobody on ‘gate could guard him, so they doubled and tripled him. MUST have an answer to that. SOMEBODY has an easy look. Fix that, coaches.

Very happy to see the game that TJ had. He’s very solid with the ball, and it was great to see him hit a couple of shots. They were big in this game, too. Let’s let him handle the ball when KR and AP don’t have it.

re: JC. I agree with a lot of your observations, Travis. & 90. But honestly, I think the expectation problem is on us, not him. We saw a big, muscular, bouncy guy and came to our own conclusions. I’m right there, on that. In truth though, I suspect that the staff knew what they were getting – a 3-pt shooter. We should have known too, given his prep-school numbers. Somebody here made that clear too (bum, 65?). We have to accept that. If he’s 6’9″ with good ups and paint game – he probably wouldn’t be at LU. My only gripe with staff is playing him at the 4. If they know what he is – play somebody else at 4. You guys know what I have in mind there.