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Agree with Doc. After 31 ladt year , a small class this year not surprising. Wish we could have gotten a few more, a P and NG come to mind :)
Unlikely Timo and Craven are anyting more than partials. Anothrr QB? A puzzle as I think we have higher needs elsewhere. Another TE? Puhl worth it IMO. He is that good. Perhaps Folmar will start actually using his TEs.
D recruits? Really have no problem with the oones we got. DL guys are studs. They will be on the field quickly. Weir and Woetzel are both a step up from what we have. Weir has size and speed ( he is a sprinter on the track team),
Oh, should mention that I forgot Scott at OLB.
Repeat I dont think it is a lack of talent in our D. Coaching is the key.