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Go Lehigh TU Owl
Go Lehigh TU Owl

One could argue that next year is the most important one in Coen’s tenure (right up there with 2010) as coach. When the offense was inept in ’08 and ’09 (and it wasn’t nearly as bad as the defense has been) Brown was let go and Cecchini was brought in. The offense in 2010 was far from explosive but it improved enough to compliment what was a very good defense. The results were a league title, playoff win over UNI and final Top 15 ranking.

I absolutely think the DL is trending in the right direction. They were clearly undersized in ’13 and ’14. Next year the DL will have legit FCS size. The LB’s remain on the smaller side though. I have no idea in regards to the secondary because it’s such a tough position to play. Lehigh’s DB’s seem to be good in coverage but have high school level ball skills. That seems to be a coaching issue.

IMO, the expectation should be for the 2016 team to return to national relevancy. That means winning the league and/or returning to the playoffs. If this year’s team fails to deliver one or both of those things due to the defense than Coen’s future should seriously be questioned.