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Something else interesting was the defenses that had success last night. HC ran pretty much all 1-3-1 vs. Bucknell from what I saw after Lehigh game, and were successful in getting them out of rhythm. And, Navy ran something similar with their pressure in backcourt and up top and it frustrated Lehigh for a long stretch. I thought Navy coaching actually got them back into that game, when they looked dead. Looked like a 1-3-1, 3/4 court trap, then sometimes it looked more of a 1-2-2 look. Hard to get into your sets with that pressure getting ball over midcourt. I expect to see HC continue to run it, as they have had success now in 2 road games with it. Need to be ready for that, and you know Army will have seen us struggle vs. that 1-3-1 soft trap. Lehigh, for the last several years, has struggled with pressure, even token pressure. Then, we went zone, and Navy struggled at the end of the game. So, expect a lot of mixing and matching of defenses in semis and final.