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Usually you attack the 1-3-1 by getting the ball down to the baseline and creating 2-1 mismatches down low. Best to attack by moving guards up high near midcourt, and trying to go overtop of the 3 men, down to the baseline. Your baseline guys attack the rim or shoot the open jumper. If he attacks and draws the back 1, you dish to open player in lane. With the 1 up top in the middle of the floor, that is when you get the cross court passes over the top as you bring the ball up. If your PG can beat the 1 up top, he often is bottled up by the 3 men behind or trapped. To play a really good 1-3-1, you need a long, super athletic guy at the top, and he is pretty much running non-stop, so you need some depth, as teams get exhausted running it and trapping off of it. Navy wasn’t really trapping hard off it with their wings. But, it was problematic getting the ball down to the baseline. KR looked bottled up to me at times, unsure where to go. Hard to tell on TV though. Lehigh does kick out a lot from the post to shooters, but that is the nature of the game with the reliance on the 3 point line. You usually wouldn’t be looking to kick vs a 1-3-1, as there wings, the outsides on the 3, can take away wing shooters. You make more hay attacking on the baseline.