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Something to keep in mind about Lehigh’s brutal OOC schedule. As of today, Lehigh lost to 5 teams that are either in or projected in Lunardi’s bracketology (Virginia, Yale, Purdue, Syracuse, Stony Brook). In particular the Yale loss looked very bad to start the year, but has morphed into a “quality loss” as the season has worn on.

I get the feeling that the psychological blow of losing those early games, some of them in lopsided fashion, turned into some other head-scratching losses (SFPA, Canisius) and seeped into early PL play. But somewhere in PL play this team turned things around.

Incidentally, now Lunardi has Lehigh possibly playing UNC in Raleigh (hi, toddcudd!). To me, the dropoff between the 1 line and the 2 line seems very significant.