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Also, one other note. I have no idea who Lehigh would match up against in the tournament, whether as a high 16 vs. a 1 seed or in the PIG. But it’s kind of odd that, if they make it, they would likely face off against either:

* Nova, whom they played last year at the PPL center
* Kansas, whom Lehigh faced as a 16 seed in 2010
* UNC, the mirror image of the famous Duke matchup of 2012
* Virginia, whom they faced this season

If the top 4 are these four seeds, and Lehigh manages to win, their No. 1 seed opponent will not say “who?” if they see Lehigh as their competition.

Interestingly, on Lunardi’s current “2” line, he has Oregon, Xavier, Oklahoma, and Michigan State. Xavier (2012) and Michigan State (2014, I think) have history with Lehigh, but the others, no.