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I’ve been poring over our prior two matchups with HC, and other recent results. HC is a strange matchup. While I think I’d agree with putting AP on Champion, this one just doesn’t look like a “stop best player” formula. Champion was definitely a big difference between our first (not close) vs. second (close) games against HC, that’s definitely not the whole picture.
Looks to me like both Alexander and Charles can also be primary scoring threats. I see very distributed scoring, and very level efficiency numbers across their top few. Everybody can and will chuck up a 3-ball too. Interestingly, their 2 best 3pt-shooters, percentage-wise, are their 2 bigs – Alexander and Husek. While it was definitely an outlier, Husek carried the scoring load against LU in the first go-around.
The most noteworthy thing I see in their post-season charge is in opponents’ turnovers. They’ve forced a LOT of them. They don’t seem to be a great shooting team overall – even in 2 most-recent tourney wins.
My keys: take care of the ball/limit TOs, control defensive glass, avoid foul trouble. If we maintain our now-normal inside-out, balanced offensive, I like our chances.