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Getting a little hot on here. I think criticism is deserved some places but guys played hard and gave their all, just came up short.

You worry that sometimes when the game gets big guys just can’t elevate their play under pressure. The old “game got a little too big for him” adage. Obviously, we don’t have that problem with TK. He can elevate his performance and lift teammates. He’s a gamer. I don’t really think the game got too big for KR, AP and KL. They wanted to take big shots, didn’t hesitate and made some critical ones and missed others. As a group, it wasn’t what you wanted, but I think they were bothered by HC’s length on the wings. We need them to knock down a few more jumpers, but they weren’t shy. I thought the game got a little big for JC and JRG at times. Hesitant on the perimeter to let it fly. JC bigger guy, needs a little more time to get that jumper off, and he was bothered by the rotation to him on the perimeter. Just a little slow on the trigger. JRG came in at one point and got a wide open 3 look from baseline corner. Missed it long, then on the next trip he got same look and passed it up. Again, a little indecisive and gun shy. JC shot it great this season for us from deep and made 1 in game, but we could have used couple more. I guess BR went to JRG for his length and for his feeding of post as mentioned earlier.

I think we missed BA a lot in a game like that. He’s aggressive, not shy and seems to like a big spot. We have a lot to look forward to with what is coming back. The comment that Lehigh didn’t have enough bodies to practice is concerning. If you are short, find 3-4 6’5″ football players and use them to practice. You have to have 10 practice bodies.