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Student section was incredible. All the way from the floor to the roof, with excess in the aisles. If we could get that turnout, we really would have a great home court advantage. We really have a real opportunity in basketball to make this program special. BR has built a pretty consistent winner and getting good recruits consistently.

Tell you what, it takes some guts (or maybe a lot of liquor) for those 5-6 kids in Row 1 to spend 3 hours in a Speedo bathing suit (and nothing else) in front of a crowd of 5,000, and then to go on the court during a break in the action to do the contest. Nuts.

Stabler really needs a jumbotron. Not sure what those cost, but some donor who is into athletics needs to get that done, and the speaker system updated. With last night’s crowd, you can barely hear the announcer.