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Doubt Reed is looking or highly desirable right now. Would be odd to leave before TK and AP’s senior years.

The highly speculative coaching rumors site Hoopdirt did have this tidbit on Drexel last week that could potentially include Reed in its vague category:

Drexel: Parker Executive Search is running this one and I’ve heard that they plan on bringing guys in over the next few days. There are a bunch of names floating around and they are all coaches from great academic schools. In addition to a few high major assistants, there are a some high academic DI head coaches on the list. (

Agree with all that Logie would be the logical choice (fastest D3 coach ever to 100 wins) if and when Reed does leave. Wyche and Neptune as mentioned above are other names. I’d add Mitch Gilfillan to any short list as well. Logie has been outstanding in the regular season, but he has not had much success in the tournament – especially considering where his teams have been ranked going in. Interested to watch that over the coming years.