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I agree, it is nice to see success from a smaller school and one with solid academics. But, Villanova has a great basketball tradition going back to the late 1930’s. They have, I believe, 5 Final Fours, many Elite 8’s, lost in an NCAA final and now 2 National Championships. Many of their alumni have had successful NBA careers and a few stars. And, they play in one of the premier conferences in the NCAA. Jay has done a great job there (although he was getting some criticism before this season), but he didn’t exactly build this thing from scratch. But, it is always surprising to me, their success, when you see the size of the school and their facilities. The Pavilion is not a great arena (they do play some games in Sixers arena), but they are able to recruit pretty well. They don’t get a lot of 5 star studs, but always get solid talent. Sort of like this year’s team. Probably none will play in the NBA, but they won a title. Jay always recruits well in Philly, NY and DC. He is underpaid at $2.5M when you see his peers. It will be interesting to see if Villanova can hang on to him, when the huge money comes calling. He has had many offers NCAA and NBA in recent years, and stayed, so who knows.