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Bummer to lose Jenkins because he seemed like a good kid, brought energy, and it continues the roster upheaval. Statistically speaking though, he played 8.6 minutes per game on a thin team and averaged more turnovers than assists.

I count 4 scholarship guards next year (Ross, Price, Leufroy, Cohen) and maybe 5 if DC returns. If Alston comes back and plays solid minutes at the 3 (expected) and Holba plays some at the 3 (possible), that leaves a good portion of Price’s minutes at the 2. With Leufroy playing the 1 and 2, and Cohen hopefully contributing at the 1 and 2 – it doesn’t seem too bad from a minutes standpoint. Obviously the wild cards are further defections and injuries.

Covington and Ryan Daly still available. Also, Paul Jorgensen who ended up at GW but had Lehigh as a finalist in 2014 is also transferring after his soph year. There are still guys out there as HS seniors and transfers if the staff wants to bring someone in.