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No TJ loss not as big as MS. I have no idea why or where he is transferring to. A bit deceiving to rely on career stats to minimze TJ and DC. For DC, last yr was his first healthy season. Iused to cringe when either came into a game. By the second half of last season I didn’t. Both brought enegy and production onto the court. The fall off we expected no longer occured. Agree with todd’s point. I think we could miss those 8-10 minute breaks that they gave us when starters got a breather. Do think BA can bring some quick O when he comes on. Question is whether he will still be clueless on D. Hope not.Guessing that MH will start at 4. A casting call approach at backing up PG does not usually work very well. Otherwise a frosh backup. He may be very good. Will he be as a frosh?