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I don’t know if I am repeating anyone else since I’m limited to time today but here are my 2 thoughts.

1.)My first reaction is much the same as with MS last year. Unless there are issues outside of playing minutes, I still think it’s foolish to give up a paid Lehigh degree and a real shot at going to the Big Dance for a downward move (although w don’t know yet whether that is the case). I liked the young man for his energy on the bench.

2.) Injuries are now my big concern again. On a very decimated squad, TJ got about 8 mpg last year. JC2 appears to be the real deal to back up KR. In an emergency, KL can fill that roll. The wing which is really a hybrid 2/3 in Lehigh’s system, will have plenty of competition for minutes. Without substantial injuries, we will be fine. If we mirror this past season injury-wise, depth will be a big issue. If we can get another high quality player for 2016, we need to do it. I just prefer that we don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.