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Well, I didn’t see that coming. Personally it’s disappointing only because I was looking forward to watching her play here for another year.
It must have been a very difficult decision. From an athletic side, she gives up the high probability of breaking the Lehigh and the Patriot League career rebounding records. The Lehigh Hall of Fame was a very real probability and even a jersey retirement was possible. IMO, she may have been that good.
Conversely from an academic side,her achievements may have been equally as impressive. From personal experience, it is hard to get through Lehigh. Doing it with high grades while excelling athletically and graduating in 3 years is rarified air. This young lady is obviously driven and her career path is well thought out. I wish her all the success in the world at GW, who I believe just lost the best rebounder in the nation while acquiring the best returning one) and in all her future endeavors.