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I agree Owl. I think LU has a chance to be a bigger surprise than most others.

My best guess is an 8-3 record with the three losses being:


Lehigh’s defense definitely improved towards the end of the season in the sense that it was more consistent. I hope that trend continues. The rationale for my selection of the 3 losses is VU is a solid team and the CAA is still a step ahead of the PL. Losses to Yale and Fordham reflect the fact that we struggle to stop the run and Yale has bulldozed us a couple years in a row and we still have no answer for Chase Edmonds at Fordham. I think we defeat Colgate at home this year and exact some revenge on Princeton. Penn doesn’t have the defense to stop our O. HC is a bit of a wildcard, but it is a 1-trick offensive pony and I still see us winning because Lehigh O would win in a shoot-out scenario.

I could see a 3-way tie for the PL, and even if we aren’t the auto-bid, an 8-3 record would get us into the playoffs IMO.