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Improved? Probably did a bit over last 3. A very slender thread to hand a better D on but it is something. Gate ate us alive. Very good O but wecwere atrocious. Cross and Pards, we didvplay well when games werecon the line
Before we start building castles in the sky, we must remember how truly terrible we were last year. On the season the only real unit imprvement I saw was the fact that we had strtches even whole halves whent the D was actually good. A feat we never accomplished the prior two years D scheme new to every body. 2nd year? Hell they should at least know their assignments. Equally relevant, g8ot to remember the injuries at S,Rov and DL at NT and DE. Hell we had a 175 lb Rover for the PL schedule. Game but he was blown out on runs to his side.
I believecwe have size,speed and athleticism in the 2 deep. Key ingredient is confidence.