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Go Lehigh TU Owl
Go Lehigh TU Owl

I think being “behind” other PL schools in scheduling FBS games is open to interpretation. I have no problem with Lehigh shying away from FBS games unless the situation is right. In all honesty I think Navy was a terrible choice for Lehigh’s first FBS games in over a decade. Even damn good P5 schools hate playing the Middies.

Colgate has been far too aggressive in their scheduling imo. They’ve taken on body bag games against Air Force, Navy and Syracuse. The Buffalo game next year was their first really good get imo.

My scheduling wish is for Lehigh to get more aggressive in their FCS scheduling. How about two IL games and two “marquee” FCS opponents a year?

FBS games are nice now and then but Lehigh is FCS for a reason. It’s not like fans of these FBS programs are excited to see Colgate or Lehigh or Fordham show up their schedule.