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Go Lehigh TU Owl

[quote quote=26989]Not comparing us to perennial FCS playoff contenders or anything, but I find it silly to downgrade the Patriot League thanks to its defenses. Eastern Washington and Northern Arizona had defenses last season that gave up more points per game than Lehigh, yet somehow the Big Sky is seen as a “power conference”.

I’d frame this argument as: Lehigh’s defense needs to be better because the Patriot League features some pretty powerful offenses. If you can’t slow down Colgate’s and Fordham’s running games, you won’t win the league. Period.


Villanova, Bucknell and Chattanooga did a good job shutting down Fordham’s offense. Those were the 3 best defenses the Rams played and it clearly showed.

Colgate’s offense was not a machine week in and week out either. They struggled a bit against better defenses.

The PL is definitely home to legit offensive talent but there’s not doubt the defenses are weak imo….