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Go Lehigh TU Owl
Go Lehigh TU Owl

[quote quote=27034]Pretty sure scheduling has helped Gate recruiting as well as their pockets.
Problem is no one has any idea whether we are pursuing anything or not. Given what little has been said by Joe and Andy, I wouldn’t expect much at all.


I really don’t think Colgate’s FBS scheduling has improved their recruiting much. I think Colgate’s overall track record of success and commitment to the program is why they’ve recruited well. They’ve gotten crushed in their FBS games. Syracuse is going to murder them again this season. I honestly don’t think recruits care that much about FBS games in the PL.

Lehigh has has put together some excellent schedules recently. They’ve usually had two really good FCS games which is the way to do it…
2010 – Defending national champ Villanova and UNH
2011 – UNH and Liberty
2012 – ….ugh….
2013 – UNH….Princeton was good too…
2014 – JMU, UNH and a darn good Yale team
2015 – JMU and 3 quality Ivies…
2016 – Villanova Big South Monmouth and 3 quality Ivies….

Overall, that’s as good as anyone in the league this decade, including Colgate. Lehigh does not a need a yearly FBS game to win recruiting battles imo. Find a defense, beat some CAA teams and things will take care of themselves on the recruiting trail….

I’m not a huge FBS game fan but there’s 3 matchups I’d love to see, Army, Virginia and UConn. Virginia would be my first choice. Reasons being: incredible campus, beautiful stadium, a bumbling ACC program and it’s doable day trip/easy overnighter….