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Go Lehigh TU Owl
Go Lehigh TU Owl

Trust me, I follow what the top schools in other conferences are doing. I lived in Big Sky country and got to follow Montana and Montana State quite closely. These schools are playing FBS games for one reason, money. Most of the top schools in FCS are third and fourth tier state schools that face really tight budget issues. They are forced to pimp out their football teams to subsidize their athletic expenses. Some are able to do it rather intelligently while others could care less about the drubbing their teams take. A lot of these schools schedule D2 teams. Something Lehigh hasn’t done in nearly 30 years.

Lehigh football players should be self motivated to compete against the best in FCS. When given the opportunity to challenge themselves against a FBS team hopefully they rise up and equate themselves well.

We’ll see how Navy goes in two years. I think they’re going to crush Fordham this year and do the same to Lehigh.