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Personally, I don’t see the dropoff in rebounding unless we go predominately small ball. I’ve always said that size was my 4th criteria when it comes to rebounding attributes. Our leading rebounder  last year was 6-3 (2nd in the PL, I believe. I want a rebounder that has 1.)Intuition, a nose for the ball. That can’t be taught. CJ has it big time. 2.) Agressiveness/Attitude. He needs to think that every rebound should be his. 3.) Technique. He needs to be able to establish his position, in other words box out. and the 4.)Size.

Jordan Hamilton had certain skill sets but rebounding was not one of them. Even going small with Bailey increases our rebounding edge. Adams and Manieri were fine rebounders but IMHO, Baltimore is better than both and Goldsborough averaged 13 rpg last year so I think he has skills in this area.

I know I’m going out on a limb and I have no idea how Dr. Reed is going to play it but CB would be a perfect role player for this Lehigh team. His intuition, assertiveness and technique is as good or better than anyone on this team. If given the minutes, he will be among the league leaders in rebounding. Last season was no fluke statistically, he had over 1,000 rbs in HS. Defensively, he was by far the team leader in blocks/min. IMO, Chuku would have given us much needed depth but I don’t think his talent level at this stage is far superior than what we will be already putting on the court.