1 on 1 With Miles Simelton

Lehigh Hoops Nation, as part of the continuing effort to get everyone prepared and ready for the ’13-’14 edition of Lehigh Basketball, was fortunate enough to chat with freshman point guard Miles Simelton in an attempt to help introduce him to Mountain Hawk fans. Special thanks to Miles for taking the time to chat!

Q.) What is your earliest basketball memory?

A.) The earliest thing I can recall is playing alongside Ryan Boatright (PG for UConn) in a youth league at the age of 3.

Q.) You’ve been described as explosive and athletic, so where do the athletic genes come from? 

A.) My dad used to play basketball so I received most of my athleticism from him. For the most part, I had to train with my former track coach to enhance my speed, quickness and jumping ability.

Q.) Was it always a dream of yours to play college basketball? 

A.) Yes, ever since I was little I have had dreams to play at the Division I level for whatever sport I chose to play (Used to run track and play football as well).

Q.) I love players who have confidence in themselves, and you seemed to shine when the lights were brightest for your Oswego high school team (example – Proviso West Tournament) and in big AAU events for Illinois Attack. You also had the confidence in your game to put the recruiting process on hold until after you finished your senior year season, and that bet paid off in spades, as your big senior year brought on a ton of suitors.

Why did you decide to come to Lehigh and was there one specific moment or event(clearly your official visit went well because you committed that Monday when you got home) where everything clicked and made you realize that LU was where you were going to go to college? 

A.) My AAU coach and dad have always told me the best players shine in the biggest games. So I felt to establish myself as one a Division I player I had to play well and in the process beat teams that may have been predicted to beat mine. The confidence I developed during my senior year came from my spiritual connection. I was able to believe in myself, my abilities, and hard work I had put in to help me achieve my dreams. The decision to come to LU was made after I met with Coach Reed on my official. He was able to tell me exactly how I was going to fit into the program and make an impact.

Q.) Can you give a self-scouting report on your game for Lehigh fans?

A.) Speedy, athletic guard that is a leader and playmaker for teammates and can also score off the bounce as well as hit jumpers.

Q.) What NBA player best describes your style of play?

A.) Damian Lillard

Q.) What part of your game have you been working on the most since your Oswego season ended last spring?

A.) I have been working on my craftiness when it comes to finishing at the basket amongst centers.

Q.) You got to campus well before the majority of your non-basketball playing classmates, as you enrolled in summer school to take a class and workout with other LU players and coaches, what was that experience like?

A.) It was a great experience. I was able to get acclimated to the school and the system Coach Reed has in place. I also got a chance to develop a chemistry with my teammates and improve my game.

Q.) I thought it was pretty cool how you, Tim, Shane, Austin, and Cole all regularly conversed via Twitter before even arriving in July, but how has it been getting to meet and get to know all of these guys? 

A.) It has been really fun so far. We’ve already made plenty of memories with much more to come. Coach Reed did a good job recruiting not only good basketball players, but also good character guys. We all get along very well.

Q.) What goals have you set for yourself in your first season?

A.) Continue believing in myself and my abilities. And do whatever I can to help the team win.

Q.) Tell us about Miles off the court?

A.) Cool, relaxed guy. Love to have fun and joke around with my teammates and classmates. Favorite social network has to be Instagram. I’m a tweeter as well. When I’m not playing or watching basketball, I’m probably watching football.

Thanks for taking the time Miles.


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