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LFN 101: Course Name: How To Win

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LFN 101: Course Name: How To Win

You are what your record says you are.

So yes, Virginia, Lehigh is 0-4.

It is also true that the Mountain Hawks have been right in the thick of three of the four games they’ve played, vs. Monmouth, James Madison, and Yale – three good teams, and squads with very strong skill players on offense.  It is easy to imagine an alternate-universe Lehigh, despite the well-publicized struggles, being 3-1.

With this reality, when senior DT Tim Newton is quoted as saying that “I felt it today. It’s there,” when it came to getting over the hump and into the win column, he’s absolutely right.  “I felt like we just need that one little kick to get us over it. But it wasn’t there. We obviously weren’t able to finish the game,” he continued.

Fortunately, “finishing games” is a chapter of my 27 part series on “How To Win Football Games,” something that might be of use to any football player, or fan, that might want to call on my decades of experience of observing different Lehigh teams and what it takes for those teams to turn losses into wins.

Because the season is nowhere near over.  There’s not any extra breathing room anymore, and it’s not ideal to wait until your first league game in two weeks to figure out how to win, but the truth remains that with the right work and the right attitude, Lehigh can win.

Even if it looks right now that the Mountain Hawks could finish 0-11.
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