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2018 Week 5, Princeton: Tailgate Report

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2018 Week 5, Princeton: Tailgate Report

After a long, long weekend without Lehigh football, the Mountain Hawks this Saturday head to Princeton, New Jersey for a 1:00 PM date to play the Princeton Tigers.

If you can’t make it to the game, the game is available in two ways.

If through your cable service you subscribe to NBC Sports Philadelphia, you can watch the game live on that station.  Additionally, you can stream the game through the NBC Sports Live App.

If you don’t subscribe to NBC Sports Philadelphia, the game will also be streamed though the pay streaming service ESPN+.

ESPN+ requires a monthly subscription of $4.99/month also carries a lot of college football games during the course of the season (including all the Ivy League home games), so it might be worth your while.

With a subscription, if you have a Roku box in your home, you can stream ESPN+ directly to your TV from there.  If you have the ESPN App on your phone and Chromecast, you can bring it up on your phone and push the “Cast” button to have it stream directly on your TV.  Or you can navigate here on your desktop in a Chrome browser and use the “Cast” button from there.

Of course that solution works even better when you pair it with the local radio broadcast, either off your old-fashioned radio, streamed through TuneIn or just simply going to the webpage and listening that way.  Matt Kerr, Lance Haynes and Matt Markus are on the call this Saturday.

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