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A few of points.
Andy Coen looked liked Andy Reid. The use of time outs was a mess. Why call a time out to decide to punt in what was an obvious punting situation? Take a 5 yard penalty and save the time out. They had a real problem getting the right players on the field. Once they had ten which led to a time out and once they had twelve which led to a killer penalty on the last drive. Get the ball back with over a minute to go before the half and run the ball up the middle twice. Then Andy says speed up after a completed pass. Incomplete pass and then takes a knee.

Shafnisky can’t be the primary ball carrier. Twenty-two carries from your QB, same as from your primary RB. Ridiculous! We knew that him getting dinged up was eventually going to happen. He doesn’t have the size to take the continually pounding. He is only a sophomore. Hope he survives to be a senior.

The first touchdown pass was pathetic. The “tackling” on that play looked like flag football. Leaks is very athletic but wants to tackle about as much as Deion Sanders.

Again, another undisciplined personnel foul penalty at the worst possible time from a senior. This continues to be e problem.

As I said last week, I wanted to see improvement. I didn’t see much today. Monmouth was clearly not as good as the previous three opponents. A very winnable game that we didn’t win.

They have six more games to get ready for 150. If not, 150 is going to be a repeat of 149 on national TV.