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Doc Qb

Fordham has more talent, more seniors, is coming off a solid 2013, and has intact coaching staff. It all showed today.

The front seven did provide more pressure than it has all year against a solid and veteran Oline. Doing that against a team where the QB isnt making the checks or protection calls (Nebrich looks as Moorhead DIRECTLY or gets a signal every passing down after a dummy cadence) is a good thing, the pressuring a talented O in system run by the coach and NOT the QB. Wasnt how Air Lehigh did it with Hank, I cam tell u from experience.

Where we got jacked up today was in the secondary. I have never seen DBs get beat so regularly and when they somehow recover or regain position, look so unathletic in making a play on the ball. They would fight to get back into position, only to look hapless once the closed the gap. Too many PI calls on these plays, and half the time they make the damn catch anyway. Thats on coaches for not drilling the kids enough (it happens weekly) or the players for just not being talented enough.

The offense still baffled me. We dont start with confidence building throws, still run that f$&cking slow developing counter on third and short (nar dont convert), threw no screens, no delays out of backfield or to TE, short option routes to TE non-existant. This week, at least, Shaf ate the ball rather than force it. Fordham DBs were coasting stride for steide w our WRs all day, even the throwbacks were covered well. Folmar put up big number a few times as OC at Kutztown, but I am beginning to wonder if he was the beneficiary of a qb and wr there who instead of playing up a level, shredded D2 schools and made their OC look artificially good.

If we pin them deep when their returner inexplicanly allowed the only kickoff Pandy didnt put out of bounds, hold them and follow it with a scoring drive, the game could have been interesting. Instead, players got out of lanes, kid returned it to 20, they put together a scoring drive. We’re not doing the little things or the big ones.