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McQuilken and Borda were both really highly rated coming out of the Lehigh Valley partially because they both played for really accomplished teams at Allen and Bethlehem Catholic.
However, the QB recruit that I was most excited about getting was Stambaugh. At the time he had the area record with almost 6,000 yds passing. He had the size and all the tools. Had he gone to a bigger HS, he would have been far more highly regarded IMHO. He did OK at Lehigh too :-).
Todd Aylesworth though may have been the most accredited having had started a few games at Tulane as a freshman before transferring to Lehigh. Today’s trivia question Aylsworth was one of three transfers from FBS programs that year. Can anyone name the other 2?

BTW, the answer to my last trivia question: The wrestler recruited from Montana was Matt Ruppell who went on to become a national champion at Lehigh.