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My review (Video recap is embedded in the post as well):

Some added notes to my own writeup above.

DL looks like a real area of strength, at least based on tonight. Cavenas was great and tons of pressure on QB, as well as LFN fave Bourgeois. DL Harrison Kauffman was another name I kept hearing during practice.

Aggressive secondary fed off of pressure well. Leaks tipped INT featured on video and was a great play. Red zone defense also saw great play by secondnary, stripping balls, etc. After writing about Fordhams 1,000 yards on Lehigh over the last two years, vary encouraging to watch such good work in person.

Mayes, Timo and Craven all had moments. Mayes most athletic but at times looked like a freshman out there, chalking that up to fact he’s still tasting D-I competition.

RB Nana All-American (yes, I’m coining that nickname) took a lot of snaps with the 1s.

Knott was all over the field, clearly tonight’s offensive MVP.

Kelsey appeared to be out. Gatlin Casey was with the 1s.

Mish performed the kicking duties and did so pretty well overall.

Overall a fun thing to see. The energy these kids bring is catchy.