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I spoke to a few people who have seen him play on a few occasions, not on the AAU circuit, but in high school games. His high school has a very strong tradition, and has turned out players like John Crotty (PG, Virginia, then long NBA career), Dan Werner (played at Florida when they won a national title) and Geoff Billet (was a star at Rutgers, then college assistant, now back at CBA as head coach). He plays a few games a year (state playoffs) near me against the better Catholic schools. I’ll get to see him this year for sure. I’m told he is, indeed, a very good shooter with very good range on his jumper. He is not a post up player at this point in his development. His weaknesses would be overall athleticism, quickness, jumping ability, and a game off the dribble. He is, at this point, a face up shooter with range. Decent rebounder but only due to size, not athleticism, and usually one of biggest guys on floor. Needs to develop ball handling, quickness, and moves to basket to be effective wing. Sounds like he may struggle guarding athletic wing players. Still time to develop but he’s a shooter primarily. Told he is one of the best shooters in the State of NJ.