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If LU falls far behind early, they will keep NS in and hope things turn. If later in the game, they will give the freshman reps. Usually, they stick with one QB.
I think that AC is involved with the decision to play a conservative/limited offense and an approach that limits imagination and variety. He talks with bravado but operates cautiously because that is his style.
The reality is that when Lehigh often won against bigger and, on paper, better programs – they did so with surprise plays and a few standout players. They kept the defense confused and racked up enough points to affect the momentum and tone of the game. Against
lesser opponents, we broke things open early and won big. Now Lehigh’s approach is plodding and too predictable. The opponents are more than ready for the runs up the middle on first down and know full well that our offense does not spread the field. Even with good receivers, the QB rarely hits them and, in any case, is often inclined to run. Because the offensive formation is bunched up and the RB’s and TE’s are rarely thrown the ball, it is very hard to attain separation.